Electricity: Hunting Farm Kachauchab generates its own electricity. 220 Volts AC and 12 V DC is sufficiently available to meet your regular needs. Necessary electrical adapters are also available.

Cell phone and phone: MTC, the main cellular network suppliers in Namibia has a roaming agreement with about 102 countries. Most EU countries are included. Make sure you know the code you need to make calls from Namibia to your home country. Phone calls to Namibia: Country code 00 264 Then, enter the number, omitting the zero of the area code. To call Hunting Farm Kachauchab: 00264 63 293512 GSM standard mobile phones with SIM will function properly. Your host farm has a good working Wilan/wifi and cellphone reception area which can be used freely.

Time difference:On European summer time, subtract an hour. On European winter time add an hour. In 2018 the time change will be stopped in Namibia. We than have in our winter the same time as in central Europe. Namibian winter is from May to September.

Clothing: In the southern winter (May-September) you may experience pleasant daytime temperatures (25 ° C), with colds nights and occasional frosts. You should be adequately prepared for cold nights and chilly mornings. In the summer months (October to April), it can be very hot during the day (up to 40 degrees between November and February). For that you need light, particularly air-permeable clothing. To hunt in the bush, you need appropriate clothing. We can advise you. Always important: lightweight hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and good walking shoes.