Fishing safaris

Another passion of your host is fishing from the shoreline, boat or inland lakes.
Enjoy this passion with him on the farm at one of the perennial rivers or at the Hardap Dam. This can be done on a day trip, or small one or two-day camping/lodge trip to the dam.
You may also combine your hunting safari with a 3-day fishing trip at the coastal town of Swakopmund where shark or normal fishing trips will be available to you.

The Hudup River

This river is one of the great arms of the mighty fish river which meanders through southern Namibia. It is mainly dry but after strong rainstorms runs with thundering noise through a deep gauge through the northern part of the farm. Unlike other dry rivers in Namibia, the Hudup river has water coils throughout the year and some fish species survive there the dry season. Mainly freshwater barbel are found and can be fished in most pools. Here you also find the big Kudu and other game drinking water.
Enjoy the tranquil surrounding, tramp on foot through the canyon, do game and birdwatching and off course do some fishing. In the evening, we will roast or grill your catch of the day to perfection.


Several hours after leaving the hunting farm Kachauchab, passing through the desert, one reaches the well-known tourist town of Swakopmund on the Atlantic Ocean. Here a pleasant and not at all “African” climate awaits the visitor. When the morning-fog has lifted, this city sparkles in the sunshine and the locals and tourists enjoy strolling on the streets or sitting on the terraces of the numerous cafes.

Swakopmund is culturally and architecturally particularly influenced by the German colony. Although only about 10 percent of the almost 100 thousand inhabitants are of German descent, their influence on the city life is unmistakable. German festivals, beer gardens, a brewery, German street names and many boutiques, hotels and restaurants led by Germans. The unique mix of colonial remnants, luxurious seaside resorts, African street markets all enclosed by beautiful red dunes, make Swakopmund a popular tourist destination.

Above all, one highlight can be enjoyed in Swakopmund: fishing. Whether by boat or from the beach, the waters of Namibia’s Atlantic Ocean promise almost always a good catch! Here you can experience hours-long battles with more than two meters’ tall bronze sharks or catch numerous tasty catfish and endemic Steenbras for the dinner table. Boat tours are also great opportunities to explore the wildlife of the Namibian coast, such as dolphins, sea turtles, cormorants, pelicans, flamingos and seals.