The Hunting Grounds

Hunting Farm Kachauchab is situated near the small town of Maltahöhe along the Black Mountain Ridge. The habitat consists mainly of short shrub savannah with bush encroached areas and open plains. A deep dry riverbed –the Hudup River- meanders through the northern part of the farm with permanent fountains and water pools. The average height is about 1350m above sea level. Namibia has lots of sunshine with only a few days per year in which it might rain. The official hunting season is from February to November. Optimal hunting season is from May to November. In the rain season, it might be difficult to hunt with the bow, since bowhunting is mainly done from blinds at artificial waterpoints. In the months of February to May, lots of natural water pools arise in the vast landscape after good rains.

Hunting takes place by means of stalking or from a blind on a 12,000-acre hunting preserve. The game on Kachauchab can roam freely on almost the entire farm. This allows a fair, challenging and rewarding hunt! We recommend you bring your own rifle but we also rent out rifles at affordable prices. Besides game hunting, game birds can also be hunted. This however, is limited to the so called dry season only (June to November).

To make your hunting trip in Namibia even more versatile, we offer hunts on a concession farm on a more mountainous area nearby Windhoek. This area is well known for its kudu, warthog and mountain zebra. Feel free to contact us for more information on this concession farm.